“The evidence is clear: Team-based care is the key to reducing cost growth & improving quality of patient care. The 'smart' Exchange will harness market competition to drive innovation in the delivery of team-based care. That's a good outcome for everyone.”
George Halvorson
Chair and CEO, Kaiser-Permanente


Health Insurance Exchange Partners and Endorsements

We’re working together
for a ‘smart’ Exchange:




Health care providers



Political leaders

We are a broad alliance of California organizations representing millions of Californians in diverse sectors of our state. We’ve come together in common commitment to transform a health care delivery system that doesn’t work well for anyone anymore.

Design of our state Health Insurance Exchange is a great place to launch the transformation we’re all seeking. We begin with design of a ‘smart’ Exchange marketplace where competition drives innovation in delivering high quality care at a more affordable cost for individuals and small businesses. California is the home of innovation. Care delivery transformation that begins with the ‘smart’ Exchange will soon benefit everyone.