“All corporations have a social responsibility to contribute to the health, welfare and advancement of the communities in which they operate.”
David Stern
NBA Commissioner


 Comments on a ‘smart’ California Exchange

“Fee-for-service medicine fosters unnecessary care and higher costs. We need to move toward a future of coordinated delivery of high quality care. A ‘smart’ California Exchange can help us get there.”

Paul Markovich
COO, California Blue Shield

“The evidence is clear: Team-based care is the key to reducing cost growth and improving quality of patient care. The ‘smart’ Exchange will harness market competition to drive innovation in the delivery of team-based care. That’s a good outcome for everyone.”

George Halvorson
Chair and CEO, Kaiser-Permanente


“Family physicians know that team-based care such as a patient centered medical home will reduce costs and improve care for patients throughout California. That is why we are a part of HEART and are advocating for a well-designed, smart Health Benefit Exchange that ensures every Californian can have access to a medical home.”

Carol Havens, MD
California Academy of Family Physicians


“People with chronic conditions are in real need of the kind of care coordination team-based care would offer. The fragmented care system we face today is the biggest barrier to better health.”   

Liz Helms
President, CA Chronic Care Coalition

“A ‘smart’ California exchange design would be a critically important step toward reigning in runaway health costs that are harming responsible employers and working families alike, hampering job creation and putting good health care out of reach for all of us.”

Jacques Loveall
President, UFCW 8-Golden State

“The California Arthritis Foundation Council applauds the HEART coalition for its forward-thinking approach to team-based care in the Health Benefit Exchange. Because over half of people with heart disease and diabetes also have arthritis, having the option of team-based care that can more effectively coordinate multiple chronic conditions can, literally, make the difference between life and death.”

Wesley Mizutani
Chair, California Arthritis Foundation


“As a small business owner, I can tell you we need a smart idea like a ‘smart’ California Health Insurance Exchange so I can continue to provide the quality health coverage my employees deserve.”


 Ellen Anreder
President, Bleiweiss Communications


“The ‘smart’ Exchange may be the most important boost to better prevention and management of chronic conditions we've seen in a very long time.”

Bill Remak
Steering Committee Member, CCCC

CA Hepatitis C Task Force